A Martian Story: A short story about a little Martian girl who's not quite like others her age. What could be the reason?

Marra's Promise (coming soon): A girl and her sister are captured by slavers and taken far away to another planet, where Marra must figure out how to keep her promise to bring her little sister safely home to earth again.

Not Quite Left Behind (coming soon): Life during the Tribulation from the eyes of a 12-year-old girl who was "left behind." I wrote it 30 years before the famous Left Behind Kids series. I guess I should have done something about this story much sooner.

Star Trek Original Series Fan Fiction: I also wrote all kinds of Star Trek "fan fiction." You may read some of them here:

A Matter of Honor
The Jewel of Cortina
If you would like to read some of the stories I wrote as a kid and young teen, click on the links below:
I started writing stories when I was about ten years old. I never intended to become a published author. I just liked writing stories for myself and for my younger sister, Julie. Once I began sharing my stories outside my family, enough people encouraged me to submit to publishers. They wouldn't let me give up! With the publication of the first book in my Circle C Adventures, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home, I  discovered that is really is more fun to share my stories with others then to keep them to myself. Besides the Circle C Adventures, I've gone on to write the Circle C Beginnings (a young Andi Carter), the new Circle C Milestones (a teen Andrea Carter), Tales from the Circle C Ranch (a collection of short stories from Andi's point of view), and the Goldtown Adventures, gold-rush adventures geared more toward boys.
I've had a lot of fun writing about Andi Carter's adventures in the 1800s. In this picture I'm enjoying some time with Star ("Taffy"). I wish Star were mine, but he belongs to my friend Vicki, who generously let me hang out at her stables and take pictures of "Taffy" and "Dixie" (the pinto horse, Patches, in Andrea Carter and the Family Secret). 
Stories from My Childhood
I have a degree in elementary education and love to teach. I taught in Christian schools before I began home schooling. After twenty years, I've finished home schooling but find myself "back in the saddle" as I help other homeschooling families, including my grandchildren. I teach writing workshops for kids, speak at public and Christian schools about the writing process, am a freelance editor, enjoy my ten grandkids, and . . . write stories, of course.
Author Susan K. Marlow

Susan K. Marlow
Horses, Adventure, and the Old West!
Castaway Island: A boy and his two sisters find an abandoned lifeboat, climb aboard, and go out with the tide. They end up on a deserted island and have adventures before being rescued.

The Stars Know the Way (coming much later): Five children accidentally end up on an experimental spaceship headed for a planet circling the star, Sirius--8 light years away. They are stranded on the planet until rescued. (This book is hand-copied into a hard-bound book of blank pages, so it will take a while to type).