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2- Dangerous Decision
Andi's frightening experiences with an outlaw captor result in new understanding of what the Golden Rule really means. 
3- Family Secret
Andi's carefree life on the Circle C ranch is shattered by the arrival of strangers who hold the key to a shocking family secret from the past.  
4- San Francisco Smugglers
Andi takes charge when she learns a Chinese servant-girl at her San Francisco finishing school is really a slave. 
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1- Long Ride Home
Andi's poor choices plunge her into danger when she takes her horse Taffy and leaves her home on the Circle C Ranch.
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5- Trouble with Treasure
Andi holds her brother Mitch's life in her hands when a back-country camping trip goes desperately wrong.  
6- Price of Truth
Andi faces a difficult decision and risks losing Taffy when she witnesses a crime involving one of the town's most prominent families.
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1- Thick as Thieves 
When outlaws turn from rustling cattle to stealing horses, Andi forges a bond with a roughneck classmate to recover Taffy's missing foals.
Circle C Milestones 
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New Books
Tales from the 
Circle C Ranch 
Andi takes readers on new adventures in this short-story collection, filling in fun gaps only hinted at in the earlier books.
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2- Heartbreak Trail
A real cattle drive is a far cry from what Andi envisions when she receives permission to accompany her brothers on the trail. 
Coming July 2015 
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