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2- Dangerous Decision
Andi's frightening experiences with an outlaw captor result in new understanding of what the Golden Rule really means. 
3- Family Secret
Andi's carefree life on the Circle C ranch is shattered by the arrival of strangers who hold the key to a shocking family secret from the past.  
4- San Francisco Smugglers
Andi takes charge when she learns a Chinese servant-girl at her San Francisco finishing school is really a slave. 
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1- Long Ride Home
Andi's poor choices plunge her into danger when she takes her horse Taffy and leaves her home on the Circle C Ranch.
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Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision
Andrea Carter and the Family Secret
Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers
Andrea Carter and the Trouble with Treasure
Andrea Carter and the Price of Truth
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Circle C Adventures books
Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home
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Andrea Carter Books
5- Trouble with Treasure
Andi holds her brother Mitch's life in her hands when a back-country camping trip goes desperately wrong.  
6- Price of Truth
Andi's eyewitness testimony puts a beloved citizen at the scene of a crime. Will the price of truth be too high if it means losing Taffy?
Andrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch
1- Thick as Thieves 
When outlaws turn from rustling cattle to stealing horses, Andi forges a bond with a roughneck classmate to recover Taffy's missing foals.
Thick as Thieves
Circle C Milestones books
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Tales from the 
Circle C Ranch 
Andi takes readers on new adventures in this short-story collection, filling in fun gaps only hinted at in the earlier books.
Heartbreak Trail
2- Heartbreak Trail
A real cattle drive is a far cry from what Andi envisions when she receives permission to accompany her brothers on the trail. 
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Horses, Adventure, and the Old West
Susan K. Marlow

Circle C Bookstore
Susan K. Marlow
3- The Last Ride
City cousin Daniel's delinquent behavior endangers both Andi’s life, and the life of her mare, Taffy. 
4- Courageous Love
January 2017
Andrea Carter faces her most difficult challenge when escaped convicts intent on revenge invade and disrupt the Circle C ranch.