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Welcome to the Circle C Adventures site, home to Andi Carter, her family, and friends. Living on the Circle C ranch in 1880s California--the heyday of the Old West--provides Andi with more than her fair share of adventures. Whether nearly trampling her schoolmaster with her palomino horse, Taffy, or outwitting an escaped convict, Andi's life is never boring. Her hair-raising escapades always end up teaching her valuable lessons about family, faith, and friends. 

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Horses, Adventure, and the Old West
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Circle C Milestones #3: The Last Ride is here!  
Susan K. Marlow

City cousin Daniel Carter is sent west to the Circle C ranch in hopes that hard work will change his delinquent behavior. Instead, the young man endangers both Andi's life and the life of her mare, Taffy. Is forgiveness even possible?

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