In this short-story collection inspired by fans’ questions, you will meet Andi’s father, join Andi and her scrappy friend Jenny Grant in Washington Territory, and discover the story behind the Fourth of July race. Why and when is Andi allowed to wear overalls? And does she succeed in finally ridding her sister Melinda of that scoundrel of a beau, Jeffrey Sullivan? Saddle up and find out!
Andrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch
Sneak Peeks 
"White Christmas"
Ten-year-old Andi has never seen snow, so when her brothers invite her to accompany them into the high Sierras to help pick out the Carter Christmas tree, she eagerly accepts. But the trek turns into an adventure Andi was not expecting.  
Enjoy a look at five sample illustrations and five story summaries.
"Britches Are Not for Little Girls"
Five-year-old Andi has discovered a pair of overalls in her new friend Riley's orange crate. "I'm a cowboy now," Riley tells her, "so you can have my old overalls." Will Father and Mother let Andi shed her frocks and pinafores and don a pair of boy's britches?
"Hurrah for the Fourth of July!"
Twelve-year-old Andi has worked hard to prepare her brother Mitch's horse, Chase, to look like a champion for the annual Fourth of July race. But what if Chase can't run? Should Andi ride Taffy and carry the Carter name to victory? If she does, what will Mother say?   
"Virginia's Riding Lesson"
A promise is a promise, but Andi has second thoughts about teaching her former-enemy-now-turned-friend, Virginia Foster, how to ride . . . especially when the prissy girl shows up decked from head to toe in a fancy riding habit and impatient to learn everything at once. 
"Aunt Rebecca & the Hat"
Eight-year-old Andi and her big sister Melinda wait with dread for "proper" Aunt Rebecca's latest visit. She always brings out-dated, old-fashioned clothes, which she insists are the height of fashion. Can Andi rid herself of this newest horrible hat forever?
Andrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch lapbook
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Tales from the Circle C Ranch is a perfect companion book and great transition between Andi’s adventures in the Circle C Beginnings and Adventures series to an older Andi in the Circle C Milestones. Includes fun illustrations from the Circle C Beginnings and Goldtown illustrators!                                                                $7.99 (+ $2.50 s/h U.S. addresses)    160 pp
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Tales from the Circle C Ranch
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