Do you like to write stories? Here's a chance to win prizes for them. Write and submit your fan stories for an opportunity to become a published young author and see your story available for purchase on Amazon. The Circle C Adventures short-story writing contest begins a new season this summer. The contest runs from August 1 - January 15, 2018. Winners will be announced on or before April 1. Fun prizes are given for first, second, and third place in three age categories: 6-9; 10-13; and ages 14-17. Honorable mentions (as well as all winners) receive a copy of the paperback book, Into the Sunset, which highlights the twelve winning stories. ​Six independent judges familiar with the series carefully select the winners. Download the 2018 Official Contest Rules for details, or visit the Circle C Contests and Giveaway blog (the host site) to learn more, see the awesome prizes, and read about the judges.
Previous Contest Winners
2013 winning stories
Way Out West Circle C Stories
Or . . . click to order a print copy of Way Out West ($6.29) from Amazon
Ride into the Old West with the winners of the 2nd annual Circle C Adventures short-story writing contest. Twelve young authors ages 7 to 16 present their unique and delightful visions of Andi’s life on the Circle C ranch, her family, and her friends. Andi even travels to Goldtown, California, for a visit with Jem and his family from the Goldtown Adventures. Read about a missing pet lizard; a hidden plot to uncover a gang of thieves; flying rumors about Justin's upcoming courtship; a young Chad's plan to settle up with an archenemy, and much more! Download a PDF file of the stories.

Or . . . click to order a print copy of Beneath the Western Sky ($6.29) from Amazon.
Beneath the Western Sky
Join Andi Carter, her family, and her friends in this first-ever collection of original stories from the Circle C ranch. These winning stories, written by young authors ages 7 to 17, include a life without Taffy; Christmas in New York City; saving Taffy; a discovery in a creek bed; facing fears with "hooves"; circling wolves, a matchmaking adventure, stolen stallions, and more. Download a PDF file of the winning stories.
2014-15  winning stories
2016 winning stories
Circle C Adventures Short-story Writing Contest for Ages 6-17

Susan K. Marlow
Horses, Adventure, and the Old West!
Along the Western Trail takes Andi and her family and friends into twelve new adventures from young authors. "Secrets of the Madera Mine" combines the Circle C Adventures with Goldtown for an action-packed tale. Andi's friend Rosa has her own story as well. Also enjoy a story about a lost pony, a stolen jewelry box, and more. Download a PDF file of the winning stories.

Or . . . click to order a print copy of Along the Western Trail ($6.99) from Amazon.
The stories revolve around the characters from the Circle C BeginningsCircle C Stepping Stones, Circle C Adventures, the Circle C Milestones, and the Goldtown Adventures. You can mix and match the characters as well as create your own characters to interact with the story characters.